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Sturm costumes and props – hiring costumes and props

Since 1985 we have been lending historical and also current uniforms faithful to the original as well as military props to film and television productions. Notable German and also internationally known films and documentaries on the first and second World War as well as over the post-war period are already being equipped with costumes and props. We are particularly specialised in equipping crowded scenes but also authentic single productions for main actors are made available from our large collection.

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Our prop rentals comprise weapons, vehicles, accommodation fittings, basic equipment, etc.

  • Military vehicles
  • Hospital fittings
  • Accommodation fittings
  • Blank cartridges shooting weapons and deactivated weapons, edged weapons and guns


Our costume collection comprises approx. 30,000 uniforms from various countries and epochs of the 20th Century.

  • 1st World War Germany
  • 2nd World War Germany
  • 2nd World War Soviet Union
  • 2nd World War USA
  • Postwar GDR and Soviet Union
  • Vietnam War USA
  • Berlin Wall USA
  • Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces)


Should you have any questions or orders regarding our film distribution please contact:

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