Whistleblowing centre

For us, compliance means more than just adhering to rules and laws. Sturm Handels GmbH stands for trustworthiness, responsible behaviour and values such as honesty, reliability and credibility. These are a matter of course for us and form the basis for the trust that our customers, business partners and employees place in us every day. Taking responsibility also means acting lawfully. The integrity of our business activities is very important to us.

To this end, we offer our customers, business partners and employees the "sycoBASE whistleblower portal" to report possible compliance violations. This portal can be used worldwide and around the clock - securely, confidentially and, if desired, completely anonymously. The "sycoBASE whistleblower portal" must be used responsibly. Only information that the whistleblower is convinced to the best of their knowledge and belief is correct should be passed on. False accusations or misleading information do not belong here.

What is the "sycoBASE whistleblower portal"?

The "sycoBASE Whistleblower Portal" is a web-based system provided by an external service provider (sycoBASE GmbH) for companies to report compliance violations. The system is used to record, process and document reports. Evidence to support the reports can be uploaded as an attachment.

Does the report have negative consequences for a whistleblower?

The overriding principle of the "sycoBASE whistleblower portal" is the protection of the whistleblower. Third parties have no possibility of accessing the report data. There is the possibility of an anonymous dialogue thanks to a protected and secure mailbox. The technical confidentiality of the data is guaranteed.

Where can I find the "sycoBASE whistleblower portal"?

To ensure that the whistleblower system cannot be traced, you will not find a clickable link to the page here, but only the Internet address.


Please copy this link completely into the address line of your private browser and use one of the following search terms to find our company:

- Sturm, Sturm Handels GmbH

Or scan this code with your mobile device

On the homepage of the portal you will find information on how to deal with notices.